Extending Your Eye Lashes

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Women go through great lengths trying to achieve long and luxurious eye lashes. We want to be able to fan our faces on a hot summer day. Some women use falsies (fake lashes) and others get prescribed medication (Latisse). However, I prefer not to use either one. I have nice eye lashes, but sometimes I want length and volume. So, I went out on a quest to find the perfect mascara.
My Lash With Nothing
Here are my three picks:
e.l.f- Lash Extending Mascara, $2.99. Gave me the extension, length and volume I was looking for. A great separation and no clumping. Works really well for the price.

L'oreal- Voluminous Original #315, $6.99. Gave me exactly what I've been looking for. Extension, length and volume. I had fuller longer lashes. I had little separation and clumping. Not bad when you consider the price.
M.A.C- False Lashes Extreme Black, $19. Gave me the extension, length and volume I was looking for. It did not give me separation and I had clumps on my lashes.
How to apply:

1. While looking down, place your brush at the base of your lashes.

2. Sweep up to the tip of your lashes.

3. Take your brush and apply again in a zig-zag type motion .

4. You can do the same for the your bottom lashes.

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