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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Nitraab Inspired
Da Vinci had Mona Lisa, Picasso had Guernica,  Monet had Water Lilies and van Gogh had The Starry Night. Each of these artists had one thing in common. They all expressed their creative sides, through painting. They all had to pick the right canvas, colors and brushes, in order to make their painting one of a kind.
Your face is your canvas. How you apply makeup to your canvas, determines how beautiful your face will look. When I apply makeup to my canvas, I make sure I use the right brushes. Brushes are important for blending, packing and shading
These are the three brushes I can not live without. MAC 217, 224 and 239.
MAC 217: blending and shading. The bristles are soft. I use this for my creases and outer corners of my eye.
MAC 224: tapered blending brush.  This brush is fluffy and soft. I use this for basing my creases and  blending my eye shadows. This brush is good for blending out those harsh lines. MAC 224 will give you that airbrush look.
MAC 239:  shading brush. The bristles are a smooth and firm. I use this for packing my eye shadow on my lids. It also helps, when building intensity to the eye lids.

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Buying quality brushes are the best investment that you will make. Take care of  your brushes, and they will take care of you. I use MAC makeup brushes they can be pricey, but you can try Sigma brushes.

My Finished Look:
Do you have some favorite brushes you love to use?

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