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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In March, my lease was up. In order for me to get my $1000 deposit back, I had to make sure that my apartment was clean. This included cleaning the carpet and painting the walls. While cleaning the carpet was a breeze. 

Painting the walls on the other hand, was a task. I noticed that when I applied the paint to the wall, it was not sticking like I wanted it to. Then the paint started peeling, because I forgot one simple thing. To prime my walls first.
 Just like painting the walls in your house need primer, so does your eyes. In order for your eye shadows to stay on, last longer and in place you need to use a base or primer. This will prevent your eye shadows from cracking and creasing. Primer is a must have in your makeup kit. Trust me, if you want your makeup to last all day and night, use a primer. I'm learning how to do my own makeup, but had no idea that I had to use a primer.

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly: I use this every time I apply eye shadow to my lids. It gives me just the right pop of color. No matter what color I use. This primer is closer to my skin tone. I can also use it in place of a concealer. I apply it on my lid to my brow bone.
MAC Paint Pot in Blackground:  If you ever had trouble getting the right smoky eye, this primer is for you. Whenever you do a dark color (navy, royal blue or dark purple) this will intensify your shadows. I know it looks pretty dark, but this paint pot has a little shimmer to it. I only apply this to my lids or outer corners.
NYX Eye Shadow Base: ESB 01:  apply this base every time you use any bright eye shadow to your eyelids. This will make your eye shadows pop. I apply this only on my lids.

There are several types of bases or primers you can choose from. These are just the three that works the best for me. They help me achieve the look that I want.

What types of base or primers do you recommend?

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