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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

What do Bert (from Sesame Street), Anthony Davis (NBA 1st round draft pick), and myself have in common? If your answer is we are cousins, you're wrong. If you guessed that we are connected by our unibrow, then you guessed right.

Unibrow is hair between the eyebrows that connects to form one long eyebrow. Growing up I had a mustache, unibrow and all kinds of hair. In fact, my family and friends would tease me and call me Bert from Sesame Street. That's how out of control my unibrow was. After high school, I decided that I wanted to loose the unibrow. So, I started arching my eyebrows.
  First, I tried arching with a razor. Every time I used a razor, I thought I was going to get cut. The hairs would grow back super fast and tough. Arching with a razor is not that expensive. However, you can only do your eyebrow with this type of razor. No unwanted hair can be done using a razor.
Then, I tried waxing. I almost felt, as if they were going to snatch my skin off. The hot wax, even burned me a couple times. I also, would bump up from the cream they used afterwards. Waxing can be pricey, depending on what area you want waxed. You can have your whole body waxed, if you wanted to.

Two years ago, I found a new love. Threading. Threading is an ancient hair-removal technique that started in India. It has quickly gained popularity in the United States. It is a technique that uses a cotton thread to arch the eyebrows. Threading is not just for the eyebrows. You can thread areas like bikini lines, chest, chin, face, upper lip and under your arms. It is not that expensive. I pay anywhere from $7-$10. I like to thread my eyebrows, because it gives me a clean sharp arch. The hairs take about two weeks to grow back. And no it does not hurt, just a little uncomfortable at first.
Use both hands to stretch the skin, this prevents you from getting cut

Michelle loves to do Threading
Before Threading/After threading
Make sure whomever is threading you, uses the right thread. Cotton is used for the eyebrows, so they grow back thicker. Polyester is used for upper lip and chin, so the hairs can grow back thinner.

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