Fifty Dollar Sew-In Bar

Monday, July 30, 2012

African American women's hair is referred to as coarse, kinky, nappy, thick and sometimes woolly. We spend billions of dollars coloring, perming, relaxing and weaving our hair. In 2009, Chris Rock produced a documentary named "Good Hair". The film highlighted African American women and our quest to achieve good hair. Even though, all women from different ethnic backgrounds wear hair weave. Black women make up the majority. Some women wear hair weave for fullness and length. Others, because they want to fit in with society.

Wearing hair weave is not cheap!  Factor in the amount you have to pay for the hair weave, plus someone to sew-in the hair. It can cost you about $200-$400 dollars. I love wearing hair weave. It gives me length and fullness. I hate that most stylish charge so much to sew-in your hair. So, I went on the hunt to find a way to save some money. Guess what I found. Maria, owner of Tha Chocolate Factory.

 In Georgia, North Carolina and even in Missouri they have $50 dollar sew-in hair salons. You heard me right. $50 dollars. Full sew-in. I live in Miami and had never heard of  $50 dollar sew-in salons. When my friend told me about a $50 dollar sew-in bar. I thought she had lost her mind. Who's going to charge $50 bucks for a full sew-in.

In 2012, Maria Comadore opened her own $50 hair salon in Miami. She named it, Tha Chocolate Factory. Maria started doing hair in 1994. In 2006, she moved to Atlanta and started working in $50 dollar hair bars. Maria mastered her skills and decided to bring her talents to Miami. Maria is very good and fast at sewing in hair weave. Her braids are not bulky. She braids to the pattern that you want your hair styled. She also washes, cuts and styles your hair weave. All that for $50 bucks. If you go back to wash and style, she charges $35 dollars. I got my hair done by her twice and was very satisfied.  

Check out some of Maria's work below:

Make sure to call Maria for her Back to School special. 
Tha Chocolate Factory

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  1. Thank you sooooo much for this. I have been paying hundreds for sew ins for my daughter & myself forever. I just called & got the address will be going today lol!

    1. I was paying the same amount. No problem. I'm all about trying to save a dime. Thank for taking the time out to read.

  2. Hey Talitha,
    Thanks for this article. I my research I also found that the frequency in which we African American women need to sew-in hair can add up to a lot of money over a year. Then I found that using real human hair like virgin Remy hair or Indian or Malaysian virgin hair really helps me save money. I bought some from a local company called I was impressed with the quality of the hair

    Every morning I woke up, and my husband says to me, you look like you just came from the hair saloon. You know what that means for a woman to be found beautiful in the morning. :-)

    Anyways, I live in Fort Lauderdale, and I will surely call Maria for my next Hair Weave Job


    1. Thanks for you comment. I started using Brazilian hair and I find that the quality is great. I am able to reuse the hair and it has little shedding.

    2. Great article thanks for sharing. I'm calling her to make an appointment right now .Now I'm just praying she's professional

    3. Thank for the comment. She is very professional and really nice. You will love her.

  3. Hi I read your comments in regards to the $50.00 sew in. So I decided to call the phone you provided to inquire about what services is included for $50.00. I must say I was very skeptical because I've had too many bad experiences with stylists claiming they can do hair. Well to make a long story short. I was not pleased or impressed. I should have known something wasn't right. Anytime a stylist turns you away from the mirror! PLEASE BE WARE!! When I got up from the chair my weave closure was tied together and the tracks had gaps and was not sew down. I had to go home and sew the tracks down and untangle the closure. I had the worst headache ever! Not only did I pay $75.00 her sister got me for $80.00. I came with my hair with my hair prepped. To add insult to injury the salon is located in the worst are off of Broward Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale Florida. This was a lesson to be learned!


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