French Twist

Friday, July 20, 2012

When you hear the word French, you might think french fries, french kiss or french toast. I love to get my nails done. I, also love to try different colors and designs. Unfortunately, I work at a restaurant that doesn't allow certain designs or nail polish. I used to be able to wear pastel colors, but now I can only wear French manicures. So, my nail tech came up with a solution. Doing a French Manicure with a twist.
A French manicure is designed to look like natural nails, that has no base color or natural pink with white tips. My French manicures are a little different. I have a natural base. The twist, is changing the white tip to a colored tip. The tip is still natural and I can still wear it to work. Case Study. This is the color I used for the tip

The French Manicure above is the traditional French. Keisha, owner of Hollywood Nails by Keisha came up with a design to make the look more stylish. Keisha, is a mastermind with designing nails. I've been going to her for almost a year. And, I am a very satisfied customer. Check out more of Keisha's beautiful work.

 Share any of your French with a twist ideals in the comment box below.

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