Hair Growth

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Years of dying, frying and relaxing my hair have really taken its toll. Now that I'm getting older, I find that my hair just doesn't grow as fast as it use to. I use to dye my hair all kinds of colors blonde, red even purple. The dye had my hair so damaged (breakage and thinning), I decided to cut all the color out my hair and start over. After doing this, my hair still was not growing. Then, some of  my friends suggested that I try Biotin.

This is me on the left, with red hair

This is me on the left again, with blonde hair
Biotin, is a vitamin (B) for the hair, nails and skin. I started at 500mg. I upped my dosage to 10,000mcg, that I take once a day, with food. I've been taking Biotin for about six months. I noticed that my nails are growing faster and stronger. My hair is getting longer and thicker. I found this brand at Walmart for about $7.

What remedies or supplements do you recommend for hair growth? If you used Biotin, let me know if it has made a difference to your hair, nails or skin.

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  1. This is nice blog and unique information related to Hair growth.Thanks for sharing such information.Finpecia

  2. Thanks for comment. I'm glad you enjoyed.

  3. I used to take Biotin and just stopped because I got lazy about taking it daily, LOL. I need to start again!!

    1. I still take it, but it makes hair in other places grow faster.


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