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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Pucker up everyone, the Fall Fashion 2012 season is here and everyone is all abuzz about red shades of lipsticks. You notice shades of red in almost every magazine, T.V. show or runway. I never thought of wearing red lipstick, because it always made my lip look too big. I had to search for the one that looked the best on me.

So, here are my top three picks. Keep in mind, what works for me may not work for you. You have to search, like I did to find the shade that best fits you.
Blankety, Rebel & Viva Glam I
Viva Glam I- ($15) First introduced in 1994, to support men, women and children living with HIV and AIDS. Is a matte, deep red. That is long wearing. I don't use a lip liner with this color, just a little gloss. It doesn't make my lips look huge and it goes great with my skin tone. I think just about everyone will love this shade.  
MAC; Viva Glam I
Rebel- ($15) is a satin, deep berry or plum, that has a shiny finish. Rebel is also long wearing. I brought the lip gloss to go with it, but I never used it.  I don't use a lip liner with this color. I like this color because, it gives me that plum color without it being too much. This also goes great with my skin tone.
MAC; Rebel
Blankety- ($15) is amplified, nude with pink undertones. It is creamy and shinny. I think it goes well with any skin tone. That can be worn with or without a liner. I LOVE this color, because you can wear with just about any eye shadow. It has just the right shade of nude and pink. Even though it's not a red shade. I think it's still a nice color for the fall.
MAC; Blankety
There are other brands that are cheaper than MAC. I prefer to use MAC, because of the different color and texture.  

What are your favorite Fall 2012 lipsticks?  Which brand do you prefer to use? Share them in the box below.

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