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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Back in June, I did a blog on Making Your Face Your Canvas. I talked about some of my favorite makeup brushes that I like to use. I'm back with three more brushes that you should have in your makeup kit. This time I didn't get them from MAC, because these brushes are pretty pricey. I watch a lot of  YouTube videos, so I can get makeup ideas. Mostly all the makeup artist uses Sigma brushes to do apply their makeup. 

Sigma is a company that specializes in accessories, brushes, makeup and skin care. They sell beauty products, that wouldn't hurt your pockets. Their motto "Keeping the world beautiful" and they do it well. I can tell you that their brushes are of good quality. Almost the same brushes that MAC has, but at an affordable price. I purchased a Concealer brush (F75), Powder/Blush brush (F10) and a Small Duo Fibre brush (F55). In this blog, I will compare prices between Sigma brushes to MAC brushes. 
F75 vs MAC 195- I use this brush to apply concealer under my eyes for highlighting. I also use it the shape and highlight my eyebrows. It is thin with a pointy tip. Because of its flat, thin shape I love to use it to apply my eye shadow. The cost for the F75 is $9 and the MAC 195 is $23.

F55 vs MAC 188- I used this brush to apply a cream foundation, because it creates an airbrushed look. It can also be used to apply blush, mineral and powder products. It is flat with a circular shape. You can contour and highlight with F55. The cost for F55 is $14 and MAC 188 $35.

F10 vs MAC 129- I use this brush to apply my blush and setting powder. The brush is soft and round. The F10 $16 and MAC 129 $35.
This look was done using F55 and Mary Kay foundation. I also used F10, MAC Warm Soul for the blush and Medium Dark Mineral Powder.

Do you have any brushes that are cheaper than Sigma, but a good quality? Leave a comment in the box below.

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