Happy Birthday to Me

Monday, December 17, 2012

Dress; BEBE, Shoes; Steve Madden, Jewerly; Michael Kors Watch
On Saturday, December 15, I turned twenty-six years old (LOL). What's the saying, thirty is the new twenty. While, that may be true for the outside appearance, except for a little cellulite in
My thighs and the belly fat that's getting harder to get rid of. That internal, clock is telling me, I need to slow down and take a nap. Let's not talk about the backaches, leg pains, the one gray hair and the heartburn (like I'm a pregnant woman). Oh, I forgot about those pesky moles. They just seem to pop out of nowhere.
Janay Pratt & I outside of Bonefish Grill
My lovely sister and her boyfriend took me to Bonefish Grill for my birthday. I had never been there before. The food was amazing. It was so amazing that I tried to go back the next, but they didn't open until 4 P.M. I was disappointed.
Janay Pratt
Crab Cakes and Bang Bang Shrimp, Bonefish Grill

Wood-Grilled Lobster Tail and Steak Duet
If I hear one more person tell me my biological clock is ticking, I know something. I still have FOUR years people! Hell, Halle Barry had her daughter after she was forty years old. So guess what, I have plenty of time. I have never been in a hurry to have children and get married. That was never purpose.
At my age I still look Fabulous
One thing that I am thankful for, is that god let me see another year. My number could have been up a long time ago. God saw it fit for me to continue in this race and I am determined to run until I am finished. I can complain, but I won't. I have two jobs, good health, family and friends who love me. So, in the end turning another year older is not that bad. It just means that I get another chance to continue my journey more year.

My niece wanted to take a picture
I would like to take the time out and thank everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday. It means so much to me. Thank You for all your love and support.

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