Embracing The Curves

Friday, May 31, 2013

Plus Size Model; Victoria Janashvili

What is too fat for an audition, too fat to wear Abercrombie & Fitch, too fat to walk the runway or just plain ole' too fat for society? 

Here in the U.S. the average-sized woman wears a size 14-16 and most designers consider this as being plus-size. Yet magazines, runways and retail stores fail to cater to plus-size women. Stores like Forever 21 and H&M recognize that plus-size women spend money as well. They carry clothing for plus-size women in stores and online.

Back in the 1960's there was a bombshell, by the name of Marilyn Monroe. Some would describe her as being voluptuous, because of her curvy shape. While her clothing size has been debated, her measurements tell a different story. According to one of her clothing designers, her measurements were "35-22-35". Not so skinny. She was busty with wide hips. Men went crazy over her. She still remains an icon for so many women. 
In 1977, The Commodores, wrote and performed a song about a woman who's measurements do not fit today's ideal woman. "36-24-36", to them she was a curvy woman who they referred to as a "Brick House". She was mighty and she let it all hangout.
Remember when nothing was over until "The Fat Lady Sings". This was a reference to the overweight sopranos of the Grand Opera. When the plus-size singer stepped out with her winged helmet, spear and round shield, the audience knew the show was over.  
In 2013, Beyonce (who's a little on the thick size) became the face of H&M's Summer 2013 collection. When she found out that they wanted to photoshop her bootylicious curves, she was outraged. She reportedly asked the executives from H&M to remove the photos, because they did not want to show her true curves. They wanted to show a smaller, slimmer Beyonce. My hats off to her.
So, when did it become such a crime to be plus-size? If it's a crime, lock me up, because I would be considered plus-size. I am voluptuous, my butt is big, I wear a size 30 in jeans that stretch and 10-12 in dresses. I have never been a size 0 and probably never will be. I embrace my curves and I love the skin I'm in.

What are your thoughts on plus size women? Leave your comments in the box below.

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  1. Amen to that! I am curvy too and it irritates me that many stores only cut clothes to fit stick straight figures. That's not how most women were created. I am getting better and telling myself that size is just a number and should not reflect my worth.

    ~ Ferly
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  2. I did this blog, because I'm tired of the media and even the store that think a size 10 is plus size. Second, what message does it send to girls, mainly teenage that have enough to deal with. But, fortunately the modeling world is taking notice and are banning girls that are to skinny.

  3. You're hawt!! I battle with my weight not because I want to be a pencil or acceptable. I just want to get into some of my old clothes. I am not built to be smaller than a size 10-12, and I will not even try to be. Great post! Visiting from SITSSharefest.


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