Madness for Steve Madden

Saturday, May 11, 2013

All of my friends know that I have a shoe fetish. Especially, if they are on sale. Back in October, I did a YouTube video with a pair of shoes I purchased from Steve Madden (Andiies). I got them during their Mid-Day Madness sale. 

Every so often, Steve Madden has a sale during the day (usually from 10 AM-Midnight) hints the name "Mid-Day Madness". If you like Steve Madden's Facebook Page or are on their email list, they will send you an alert about special deals. The Andiies that I bought were $49.99. Almost half off the original price.

Here are some of the deals I got during Mid-Day Madness:

Serum- I brought them in Taupe Suede. Original price $149.95, Mid-Day Madness sale $49.99. The Serum has a 6 inch heel and a 2 inch platform. It is a wedge, lace-up booties with a metallic silver accent on the back. You can pair these shoes up with just about anything.

Phsychnn- Purple Suede. Original Price $99.95, Mid-Day Madness $69.98. I purchased the Phsychnn at the Steve Madden store for $49.99. The Phsychnn has a 4.5 inch heel with gold studs going down the back of the heel. I wear these with jeans or a black and white striped skirt (to add color to the look).

Marz- Gray. This shoe is a platform wedge. It has a metallic silver cap right at the tip of the shoe. The wedge has a snake print on it. Original price $99.75, Mid-Day Sale $29.99. I found them on ASOS for $44.89.

Caliko- I have big calves and an over-the-knee boots are hard for me to find.  When I saw these boots during Mid-Day Madness, I didn't care if they fit or not. I wasn't going to let that $29.99 deal past me by. The original price for these shoes are $129.95. They were even cheaper at the Steve Madden store. I was able to buy one shoe for $39.99 and get the Caliko for 90% off. They are brown, with a small heel and buckles for easy adjustment.

What are some of your favorite shoe deals? Share your comments in the box below.

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[Photos courtesy Khala Clay]

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  1. Those shoes are amazing, especially the pumps. Would really love them!

    1. Thank you. I'm not sure if Steve Madden still have them on their website.


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