Shadow Shields

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Sometimes, when applying my eye shadow, I get more on my face than on my eyes. My solution... Clean it up with concealer. If I want sharp, clean edges, my simple solution, use tape. My winged cat eye usually comes out a mess, because I have no guide to get the right wing. So, I just use concealer.
I started using Shadow Shields, because I wanted to stop using that god awful tape. It gave me that sharp edge I was looking for, but it was still pretty painful to remove. Shadow Shields also catches any fallout from your eye shadow and that saves you a lot of clean up time. 

Here is a simple pictorial of how to apply the Shadow Shield

Step 1. Remove the corner or the whole strip from the back of the shield.

Step 2. Pace the shield either directly under your lower lash line or off to the side.

Step 3. Apply your makeup.

Step 4. Remove and throw away. Just like that you have the perfect eyes.

What method do you use to get that perfect makeup look? Leave comments in the box below.

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