Floyd Mayweather and Miley Cyrus Collabo

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

He's known for powerful punches and she's known for her powerful voice. But, the King of the Ring and the "Queen of Trewking" may be collaborating, not in the studio, but in the boxing ring.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr., loves to enter the ring with musical talent. Remember Justin Bieber, who can forget 50 Cents and most recently Lil Wayne and Bieber. 
Lil Wayne and Bieber escort Mayweather 9/24/13

In an interview with Billboard's Jason Lipshutz, the boxing champ was asked who he would like to escort to the ring at his next fight. His answer, Miley Cyrus (I'm pretty she will dance her way to the ring). He said "I was thinking about letting the twerk queen Miley Cyrus bring me out....We have to call her the twerk queen." 
Floyd Mayweather being interviewed at the iHeart Music Festival in Las Vegas. (3:46)

Hopefully she doesn't steal the show from Mayweather, like she did at the MTV Awards.

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