Dwyane Wade's Drama

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Times
UPDATE Alert 1/2/14: TMZ is now reporting that the mother of D-Wade's newborn baby, is a woman named Aja Metoyer. They are also saying, that the baby boy's name is Xavier Zechariah Wade, born on November 10,2013. She is a mother of two daughters and lives in LA. Their dad is "Happy Ending" star Damon Wayans Jr., whose father is Damon Wayans. More to come as this DRAMA continues...
Well, well, well looks like a stork has landed on the doorstep of the Miami Heat Point GuardDywane Wade. Rumors have been swirling for months that he had fathered a child, but not with his fiancee "Being Jane" Actress Gabrielle Union.

Entertainment Tonight, broke the news that he spent some time with his new baby boy, that he fathered during a "brief timeout" with Union. Which does make sense, because the breakup happened over the summer. So the timeline doesn't add up. Oh yeah, remember that engagement that happened on December 21st. Nothing says I'm sorry like a 8.5 carat engagement ring. (Talitha's Take)

Union is on vacation in the Bahamas, but she took to Twitter after the news broke with these tweets. It's unclear who these tweets are addressed to:

Before D-Wade took the court against the Denver Nuggets, he addressed the media about the baby news. Where he confirmed in a pre-game interview:

Your Personal life was in the news today. Would you like to comment about that?

D-Wade: But, yeah, I had a time a part in our break in our pain and our hurt, a blessing came out of it...having a son that was born healthy". (Source: YardBarker)
Photo Courtesy of  Full Court Pumps

More drama! Rumors are going around about the identity of Wade's new baby mamma.  Suppously her name is Sandrina Schultz and she's from LA. There are reports that she use to be Lamar Odom's side piece. Rumor as it that he likes to dribble more than one ball at a time. There are talks Orgy that includes Gabby. (Source: Full Court Press)

(Photo courtesy of @gabunion Instagram)


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  1. It's a mess I know that for sure. I even saw a report with her and Gabby in some pictures together so Gabby knew who she was. Personally I don't think they were on a break I think they are just trying to save face and make it look good. But if she is happy then whose to say. Stopping over from SITS


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