Drake Delivers On SNL

Monday, January 20, 2014

One of the hottest rappers returned to Saturday Night Live, this weekend and he was LOL funny. Drake, graced the stage as host and musical guest for "SNL" first show of the season. He also brought his acting skills with him. 

It was also, the first time that Comedian Sasheer Zamata, made her debut on "SNL." She is the first black female since 2007 to appear on the show. She was in the opening skit as Drake's aunt at his Bar Mitzvah. 

My favorite was the Nancy Grace skit, where he played Comedian Kat Williams. I could not stop laughing. He also took on Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and Alex Rodriguez.


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  1. Hi fellow triber! #SITSBlogging
    I tried so hard to stay awake to see Drake on SNL but just couldn't! So thanks for the recap! xo r

    1. Thanks for visit. Look forward to working with all the ladies in our tribe. #SITSTribe

  2. I remember watching Drake a million years ago when he was on Degrassi. It's crazy how much he's changed lol. Excited to get to know you and your blog through the SITS Blogging Tribe =)

    Dana Renee

  3. I never got a chance to see him on Degrassi, but he is a great entertainer. Looking forward to meeting the ladies in our tribe

  4. Hello! Did not know Drake was this comical. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog :) I am now following you on blogger so if your not already hopefully you can do the same for me. Thanks in advance.

    Hollie x

    1. Thank u as well for stopping by. I going to follow right now:)


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