Yeezy 2 "Red October" Released

Monday, February 10, 2014

Nike has heard Rapper Kanye West's recent radio rants loud and clear. In a surprising move, the sneaker giant released the Yeezy 2 Red October's on Sunday. The Yeezy 2's was released on their website ( at 1pm and was quickly snatched up by sneaker lover within 11 minutes. The cost of the kicks was $245. They sold out Yeezy 2's can be on E-Bay, but get ready to shell out some big money. I'm talking $350-$8,000. CRAZY!! 

Here's the twist. Kanye went a media blitz, dissing Nike. They would not give him another shoe deal or shoe royalties, because he is not an athlete. In November, he told HOT 97's hostess Angie Martinez: (2:04-2:36)

"It's cool that they marginalize me. I asked them when the Yeezy Red October's were coming out, I asked them, me Kanye West asked Nike when they told.. They say they not sure yet.."


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