Beauty Must-Haves Giorgio Aramani

Monday, September 22, 2014

This weekend I attended a Mom's Night Out event. They had all kinds of goodies, but the one thing I enjoyed the most was the makeup station. The makeup artist from Saks Fifth Ave (Dadeland Mall) were there to help mom's look and feel beautiful. Even though I'm not a mom... They pamper like I was one. When they were through make up I looked like a new woman.

Giorgio Armani beauty products are pretty pricey, but they are not heavy and they last all night long.

1. Maestro Blush Liquid Fusion Blush • $52
2. Fluid Sheer Highlighter  $62 
3. Eyes to kill intense eyeshadow • $34
4. Rouge Ecstasy Color & Care Lipstick, Pinks • $34
5. Maestro Liquid Summer Bronzer SPF 15 • $64

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