Tyre Lajuan Presents | 100 Kids Fashion Show

Friday, December 19, 2014

Save the date, because one of the hottest Fashion Show is coming to South Florida.

Tyre Lajuan Present: 100 Kids Fashion Show- Season of Addiction. This 1st Annual Fashion Show will be one of a kind. It will be an evening filled with high end fashion and style. 100 kids will grace the runway in the Tire Lajuan line of clothing. 

Tyre Lajuan also known as BornBillionaire amongst the fashion world is a multi-talented, creative, young designer and stylist from Miami, Florida.  He has been designing clothes and custom work for over 10 years with college experience studying fashion design and fashion merchandise as his expertise.  He owns and previously co-owned 4 different boutique locations and single handedly pushed himself to create 500 custom shoes and over 3,500 pieces of garments for women, men and children.  Being the goal-driven, passionate designer that he is under pressure has earned the BornBilionaire burned spots of exposure in several journals, magazines and blogs. 

Before you go don't forget to register:

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