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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

This weekend Sunni Dai's Fashion Week got the party started with their kick-off event for Media, Blogger, Designers and Stylish. The amazing Designers were on hand to give us a sneak peak of what they had in store for the runway. Let's not forget about the kids... They strutted in some of those designer pieces like the pros they are.
This event not only highlights children's fashion, but it also brings awareness to childhood diseases, this year the focus was on Juvenile Arthritis.
Kiwani Tapper The Bowtie Kids | She brings awareness of childhood diseases through her love of fashion. She works as a Speech Therapist. The children that she works with inspired her to create this brand. Each child on the shirt has its own name and each bow tie represents a childhood disease or disorder.
Natalia Garcia | KK Swimwear | Kassy Kollection creates bathing suit and beach wear for girls. Her daughter is the face and inspiration behind this brand. KK started in 2012 and with in a year she was selling and doing fashion shows. She designs themed beach wear... If you want a Lil Mermaid bathing suit, you can get the cover up to match. Her brand is great for little girls.
Some of the Models
The Face Of Kassy Kollection
Owner of LS1 Entertainment/Sunni Dai
{Photo Credit | Adriana Leon}

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