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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

In part 1 of our Bedroom Cleaning Tips, we tackled the drawers and getting rid of clothes that we no longer need. Now, we have to focus our attention on the Closet. This task can be a nightmare for most. Some of us have a habit of just throwing things in the closet and not putting clothes back on the hangers or shoes back in the boxes. This creates more of a mess.

Here are some simple tips on getting your Closet Spring Ready:

1. Get Rid Of Those Ugly Shoe Boxes | Trade in your original shoe boxes for something more stylish. I got rid of those bulking boxes and replace them with clear, sleek shoe boxes from the Container Store. This creates more space. My closet is starting to look much neater and organized. A box of 20 will cost about $30.
2. No Wire or Plastic Hangers | Remember "Mommie Dearest," she hated wire hangers and so should you. I switched most my hangers to Pink Velvet Anti-Slip Hangers. I also put two pair of jeans, shirts and dresses on one hanger. I went to Mashalls and purchased 20 hangers for $12
3. Put It In A Bin | Now that the winter is gone you can hide those sweaters in a bin. I bought three bins, one for my sweater and the other two for my handbags. At IKEA they have a pack of 3 boxes for $14.99
4. Label It | I label everything from shoe boxes to the bins. This makes it easy for me to find things I need quick, fast and in a hurry.

Click here to download a free Checklist from I Dream Of Clean.  

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