Style News | Taking Soles To New Heights

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Over the years shoes for women have really soared to new heights. Remember in the 1600's when Egypt, Greece and Rome women and men wore those leather gladiator sandals. Or, how about the heels. You could not get a pair that was more than two inches until the 1700's. The stilettos came later in the 1800's. Now, we have gone from T-strap, platform, boots, booties, wedges even high heels. Let's not talk about the color and prints that can be found in almost every shoe.

Farfetch , an online luxury fashion boutique, has put together a great info-graphic to show just how much shoes has evolved over the years. This beautiful illustrated timeline entitled "The Short Shoe History,"  takes us from the 1920's to 2010. The timeline gives you a great view of how much the shoe has changed only to come back fully circle.

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