Summer Fling | Flare To Be Different

Monday, July 13, 2015

Put away those skinny jeans and take a wide eye view of one of the hottest trends for the summer. This trendy 70's  look with have you grooving right into 2015. The Wide Leg Jeans have come a long way since your mom's Bell Bottoms.

Remember, how Bell Bottoms were tight in the thigh, then would flare from the knee down. Wide Leg Jeans are a little different, because they loose the skinny and are wide from the thigh down.

I would consider myself and curvy girl and Wide Leg Jeans are great for my body type. These types of jeans show off my assets. My curves also, help to balance out the flare at the bottom. I had to add platform heels for height, so my Wide Leg Jeans were not dragging on the ground. A crop top is a perfect addition to this look.... It helps to even out the flare at the bottom and will keep you cool in the summer. Here in Miami, the summers are a scorcher.  (How To Wear Flare For Your Body Type)

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