Summer Fling | Romp Shaker

Monday, July 06, 2015
Get ready to shake, bake, rattle and roll, for summer 2015. What better way to dance into summer, then with the Romper. The Romper is longer child's play.  It is for the grow and sexy who wants that fresh and stylish look. This is one trend that does not require much to style. All you need is a nice pair of pumps, a handbag and maybe a blazer. You can also trade in those Maxi Dresses and Midi Skirt for the trendy one piece.

This romper was not my first choice. I originally choose a romper because it was on sale at Macy's for $20. When I got home it did fit, so I ended up returning it for this XOXO Junior Romper (I am so happy that other one didn't fit). There were two things that made me buy this romper... One was the high neckline and two the beaded detail at the neckline.  

XOXO  •  Misguided  •  Thalia

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