Makeup Station Wishlist

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Makeup Station Wishlist
I am in the process of creating a space in my bedroom to set a makeup station. The bathroom just isn't cutting anymore. Over time I have accumulated so much stuff and now I have nowhere to store it. So, I went on YouTube to see what other YouTuber are using to store their stuff.  I got some many great ideas. I can't wait to shop for these items.... Set it up.... Then show your the finished space.

-First, I need somewhere to store the makeup. I found this Dressing Table from Ikea. I like it because it has drawers that I can add dividers to separate my makeup. $149

-I want an Acrylic Office Chair that I found on Amazon | $80

-The mail holder is for my makeup palette | Container Store | $4.99

-The mirror that want is a lamp and mirror all in one | Ikea | $39.99

-The cosmetics organizer will be used to store nail polish, eye shadows and lipsticks | Container Store | $20

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