Tech Tips | 4 Photo Apps For Reimagining Instagram Layout

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Instagram has become one of my favorite apps to show off my latest fashion and beauty photos. It is a way for me to post pictures without having to write a long blog post. I also, love looking at other IG accounts to see what's going in their world by the pics they are posting. I wanted to focus on making my IG more appealing. I reimaged my IG feed by picking a color scheme, post better photos and creating more white spacing. Here are some of the app I use to make I IG feed feel more like a magazine. 

PicArt- this is one of my favorite apps, it is like a mini Photoshop. It does so much than just add a filter to your photos. With this app I can crop, clone, overlay text and pics, blend photos, mask, color splash and color replace. For this image, I used color replacement to change background to black and white.
Squaready- when I was looking for a theme for my IG feed, I wanted to post all my full-size images without cropping and create more white spacing. Squaready was the easiest way for me to do both. The below shows how much white space I use with each image I post.
VSCO Cam- I wanted my pictures to stand out from the rest. I wanted my pics to have the same white washed out type of filter. VSCO Cam was the best app for that.... It has many filters to choose from, I usually use HB1 | HB2 | C1.
Beauty Plus- automatically enhances the beauty of any photo, instantly. There are 5 levels of beauty enhancements to choose from with a tap of a button. For this image, I choose the 3rd level beauty filter.
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What are some your favorite apps to use for your photos? Leave a comment below.

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