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Thursday, January 14, 2016

I am always looking for DIY projects to make my apartment reflect my personality. I turn to Pinterest and YouTube for tons of ideas and inspiration. I came across the Gallery Wall and it was love at first sight. My white walls are so boring that they need a major makeover. And, since painting is not an option, I decided to do a Gallery Wall.

Supplies Needed:

1. Frames

2. Scissors

3. Pictures, photos, etc.

4. Double sized tape

5. Old wrapping paper

6. Tacts

7. Pencil or pen

8. Hammer

Find Your Personal Style

Find a wall where you want to create your gallery wall. You can include anything that you want on your wall.  Mirrors, pictures, frames, album covers.... Anything that inspires you

Lay It Out

After choosing your frames, lay them out on the floor to see where you want to place your pieces. Start out with your largest piece first, then work your layout around that. Make sure to take a picture of your layout, so you can remember where you want to place your pieces.

Create A Template

Creating a template makes placement easier. Take some newspaper and trace each frame, then cut the template to the size of the frame. Take a nail or tape and hang each cut-out in the desired spot.

Start Hanging

X makes the spot.... Well in this case a small dot. Marked the spot where you want to hang your frames with a pencil. Take your template and tape or nail it to the wall. Hang your frame piece by piece and remove template newspaper. Make sure each piece is leveled. You can also use doubled sided tape so you don't put holes in your apartment walls.

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