#TuesdayShoesDay | How To Wear Socks With Heels

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

If you own a pair of pantyhose, stop what you are doing and throw them in the trash. Back in the day pantyhose and knee highs were used to cover up our legs and any bruising, scarring or hair. This Spring/Summer there is an unusual way to replace those pairs of stockings with something more trendy.... Socks with Heels. Yes, you read it correctly.

I know your thinking, shouldn't socks just be for the tennis shoe. The answer is no, because the way we style our clothing is a bit different. We are no longer trying to hide the way our legs look, thanks to Tina Turner. Plus, with temperatures in the 70's you are going to need something to cover your cold feet. So, ladies, let's make sure our sock game is strong and fierce.

For today's #TuesdayShoesDay, we are pairing our favorite socks and heels. One of my favorite ways to style this look was posted on my 3 Ways To Style A Pleated Skirt. I added knee-high socks to the pleated skirt. It made me feel like a school girl again. Now, this might not be a trend that everyone will like, but if you pair it with the right outfit, it will certainly grow on you.

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