10 Beach Day Must-Haves

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of summer are almost here again. It has been so hot and humid, I have been sweating in places I didn't know were there. Here in South Florida, it has been a rainy week. Which is typical around the Summer, because Hurricane season starts June 1st. My hope is that the rain holds off this weekend so I can enjoy some fun in the sun at the beach. I want to go put my toes in the sand. Before I head to the beach there a few items that I must-have.

1. High Waist Bikini- the fastest way to hide my gut so I can wear my two piece swimsuit, is to buy the bottoms that are a high waist. I'm a girl with curves and it hard to find a bikini that fits and also boosts my confidence. That's why the high-waist bikini is my BFF.   Top/H&M, $17.99 | Bottom/H&M $17.99 (similar)

2. Hat- nothing protects your face and neck from those harmful UV rays like a hat. I'm not talking about grandma's church hat. I chose a stylish fedora or beach straw hat.  H&M, $14.99

3. Beach Towel- doubles for drying off and as a blanket to lay down on for that perfect tan. Kohl's, $14.99

4. Sunscreen- I'm African American and my darker skin provides protection from the sun. Which protect my skin from aging and cancer. I need more protection from the sun, so I still put on at least an SPF 30. Neutrogena/Target, $1.99

5. Flip Flops- are to swimwear like pumps to the little black dress. Forever 21, $3.90

6. Sunnies- what else can prevent squinting like a great pair of shades. This spring/summer sunnies comes in all shapes and sizes. H&M, $9.99

7. Lip Balm- keeps your lips hydrated and protected. Prevents blisters and chapped lips. Target, $2.99

8. Reading Material/Music/Movie- grabbing a good book, listen to your favorite playlist, even catching up on a TV series is a great way to relax on the beach. 

9. Waterproof phone case- protects your phone from water, sand and sun damage. Travelon Smartphone Case, $8.95

10. Philip Kingsley SwimCap- whether I'm wearing my natural hair or a weave, I hate getting my hair wet. The salt water can cause breakage and dryness. This product add protection against salt water and UV Rays. Swim Cap/Amazon, $20

What are some of your #BeachDayMusts?  If you are looking for inspiration for great looks and #BeachDayMusts." Make sure to visit Adore Me's Instagram or Lingerie pages. 

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