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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Warning... If you normally read my blog this not my normal post. We are talking Sex on Talitha's Take today, so hide your kids. 

Salt and Pepa wanted to talk about it, Trey Songz bets the neighbors would know his name when he was doing it and Chris Brown wants to put you back to sleep with it. I know you're curious about what "It" is. The three letter word that most people are afraid to discuss.... Sex. When it comes to the word sex most people shy away from the topic, because they find it dirty, disgusting even nasty. Yet most fantasize, want and have sex. In fact, according to the Kinsey Institute's  54% of men think about sex every day or several times a day.

This weekend, the all-male panel from HEavesdrop Presented:  Sex Let's Put It To Bed, hosted by Your Girl Free and "The Sex Slave" Majesty. It was an adult conversation that was classy, tasteful and raunchy. The guys of Heavesdrop were able to give their insight on the topic of sex, love and being intimate. Trust me they held nothing back. There was also three female "Sexpert" on hand for the second part of the show. Ready for whatever these guys were dishing out.

Before the show, I sat with panelist William R. Cook, he is married for ten years and I asked him, Why it is that people are ashamed or embarrassed to talk about sex?  His response, "usually people are embarrassed because they have some type of deficiency.. low stamina or low self-esteem about their male part." I also asked him does he get his mate in the mood for sex. He said, "after you have been together for a while, you know when you are both in the mood." 

The first question was anal, oral or regular most of the panelists agreed on regular, but a female audience member said she liked anal, and "Anal" was her name for the night. The highlight was when they asked about swallowing and that same audience member said she doesn't swallow because of the taste. Most women said they don't swallow, but will catch. When it comes to what position makes them cum, one panelist said he liked it Cowgirl style from the back. On the topic of threesomes, to my surprise, many of the guys were not into having one. The female "Sexpert" said that if you are going to partake in a threesome the people involved should have an open conversation about who, what, when and where. Sex Coach, Paige Diamond said that sex is something that is spiritual.

I had a great time. The event was classy, tasteful and raunchy all at the same damn time. If you are some who has always been embarrassed to discuss sex, then this was the place to be. Someone that was sitting beside me wanted to take their husband to the car and do the nasty.

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