Fashion Friday | How to Pull Of Wearing Aurora Red

Friday, September 30, 2016

Dress | Forever 21 (similar) • Shoes | Steve Madden (similar) • Bracelet (similar) & Necklace | Forever 21 • Handbag | Marshall's (similar)
Happy Friday! Fall is one of my favorite fashion seasons. Why did you ask? Well, because of the color trends. I love that the colors are just so down to earth. The first color up, Aurora Red.

The color red has long been seen as a negative and a positive thing. Let's start with positives... wearing red is more sexually appealing, it is the color of love and it shows that you are in control. On the negative side... "seeing red" is someone filled with angrier, a red cape to a bull means it is time to charge and don't you dare run that red stop light. There is nothing negative about wearing Aurora Red. It is a bold red that is very eye-catching and will add a kick to your closet. The very blood of this color will have your wardrobe pumping. 

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