Styling Hacks 1: The Best Way To Wear Athleisure Trend

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Athleisure is clothing that is designed to be for working out, however, it can be worn to work or at casual/social events.

My Thought On Athleisure  

The concept of the Athleisure Trend is to make clothes more wearable outside of the gym and make it a part of your everyday attire. Think of pieces like, sweat and yoga pants or maybe even a hoodie. The Athleisure Trend is all about comfort and style. For this look, it is OK to toss the heels to the side and grab a pair of kicks.

Why This Trend Works For Me

I work at 4 am and sometimes it is a struggle just to wake up when the alarm goes off. It's not every day I feel like dressing up. Sometimes I just want to roll out of bed and go. That's why the Athleisure Trend works perfectly for me. If I'm too tired to take my clothes out the night before, I can easily grab a pair of leggings, throw on a sweatshirt and I am out the door. It takes me 10 minutes to get dress.

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