Fashion Friday: The Do's and Don'ts On Wearing Winter Whites

Friday, February 03, 2017

Today's Fashion Friday is all about Winter Whites. Yes, you can totally rock white during the winter if you follow some simple do's and don'ts. 

A Rule That Should Be Broken

There is one fashion rule that needs to have several seats. A rule that is so ridiculous it should be broken.... Wearing white after Labor Day. I live in South Florida where this rule does not apply because of the warm weather during the fall and winter. We probably get 3-5 day of cool temps. Imagine me running around in 90 degree weather with wool on, people would look at my like I am crazy.

The Do's & Don'ts 

• Don't wear white to a wedding, The worst thing you can do to a bride is upstage her on her big day.

Do carry a tide pen with you. One reason I hate wearing all white is that it gets dirty really fast. I can never stay clean.

Don't wear all white from head to toe. Mix it up a little by throwing some colors like yellow, blue or tan. You can even add prints like polka-dots or stripes.

Do add metallic shoes, jewelry or clutch for a more glamours look.

Don't wear linen, eyelet or canvas after Labor Day.

Do add fabrics like white denim, wool, and cashmere to your fall wardrobe.

That's my do's and don'ts of wearing white in the winter. Share with me some of your thoughts on wearing winter white. 

Where To Buy

Top | Forever 21 • Bottoms | NY& Company • Shoes | Aldo Shoes • Sunnies | Aldo Shoes (old) • Watch | Michael Kors (old) 

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