Fashion: 3 Pet Peeves About Valentine's Day and Inspired Outfit

Monday, February 13, 2017

3 Pet Peeves About  Valentine's Day and Inspired Outfit

The day we have crown the most romantic day of the year, is almost upon us. Cupid will come and strike someone's heart with the uncontrollable desires to spend their hard earned dollars on balloons, candy, and cards. They will stress out about getting that special someone the perfect gift. In today's post, I will give you my three pet peeves about Valentine's Day and show off my inspired outfit.

1. Going out to dinner

Don't you eat out all year long?! Going out to dinner on Valentine's Day can be a big headache. I work at a restaurant and I could never understand why people choose Valentine's Day to deal with the crowds. Every restaurant you go to, trust me, you will have at least an hour wait for seating. Why not stay home, hire a chef and have a nice candle light dinner.

2. Spending money on unnecessary gifts 

I hate balloons and flowers, especially on Valentine's Day. I think it's a waste to spend money on flowers that are going to die and balloons that will just deflate. I would rather someone buy me a plant or a nice piece of jewelry, something that will last a lifetime. Save the flowers are for the dead.

3. Crowded malls

Why do people wait until the last minute to buy a gift? Even though Valentine's Day fall on the same date in February every year. People make a mad rush at the mall, stressing themselves out about buying unnecessary gifts. You can't find parking and people are so close you can smell their breath. If you are going buy a gift, please stop PROCRASTINATING!!!

Inspired look

My inspired look is this gorgeous pink TopShop dress that I found on sale at Nordstrom, for $44. I added a pair of tie-up blush sandals. And, of course, the flowers are fake. 

Final thoughts 

Don't wait until February 14th to express your love and affection. This is something that should be done on a daily basis. Give hugs and kisses just because.

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