Current Obsession | Forever 21 One-Piece Swimsuits

Sunday, July 23, 2017

This weekend was Miami Swim Week, I wanted to partake in many of the activities, but the way my schedule was setup... didn't happen. So, in honor of Miami Swim Week, I bring to you the one thing I am currently obsessed with, the one piece swimsuit.

Pool Time Fun

It is the summertime here in Miami and that means we get a lot of rain. Which can make taking pictures and writing blog post very difficult. However, this weekend the weather was perfect. I decided to take my nephews and stepson to the pool. My older nephew is scared to get in the water by himself, I wanted to get in with him, but I didn't wear a swimsuit. My plan was to just lay back and watch them have fun. As I'm laying there the water started to look refreshing, I made the children get out the pool, into the car and we drove to Forever 21 so I could buy a swimsuit.

Yay! For The One-Piece

Forever 21 has an awesome swimsuit collection. So far I have purchased a high waist bikini and this gorgeous one-piece. Most of the swimsuit are under $50. Forever 21 has also stepped it when it comes to sizes. The swimsuits are available up to a size XL, which is great for my big booty girls. I love the plunging V-neckline and let us not forget about the mesh panels.

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