3 Fall 2017 Pieces I’m Rocking Together Right Now

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

At the beginning of every fashion season, you can caught me stalking the web for the hottest looks straight from the catwalk. This is how I plan out what items I will be adding to my wardrobe. For fall 2017, I saw three things I’m rocking as you read this post. (Top  • Zara | Velvet Jeans •  Zara)

First let’s start with the color Red. Everyone will say your fine as wine, when you slip into the hue. Every shade of red had the runways on fire, it was the queen of all hues for fall 2017. The different shades of red, is like a box of chocolatesyou can chose your flavor. This color can also be considered as the new black because it pairs great with many colors, patterns, and statement pieces. Red is one of those colors that is so rich it warms your soul.   

Next trend, Metallic Silver this futuristic trend has the runway lit. Think space suits or alum foil. Any metallic color screams glitz and glam. 

Finally, this trend is no longer your granny’s fanny pack. Belt Bags aka fanny packs are more stylish than ever before. Go ahead and trade the shoulder back and add this accessory to your waistline. 

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