Would You Wear Paperbag Waist Pants?

Friday, October 20, 2017

 Happy Friday!!

What if I told you, there is a new stylish paper-bag trend that you should try? I bet you are thinking I went to my local grocery store and pick up some brown paper bags. That is not the case. The Paperbag Waist  Pants are quite special because they are very comfortable, chic, gives you an instance Coco-Cola bottle shape. And, I'm down for any and everything that hides this belly fat. Here are a few reasons why I wore Paperbag Waist Pants:

• There are many styles of Paperbag Waist Pants to choose from. Wide or Straight leg, cropped or short. A true pair of paperbag pants are scrunched at the waist and can be tied together with a belt or ribbon. I choose straight leg (shop here), because I love the way it fits my body.

• You can pair Paperbag Pants with a bodysuit, crop/off the shoulder/slim fitting tops, a classic white button up, jackets or blazers. I wore my shirt tucked in (shop here), because I wanted to show off the belted waistline.

• If you are vertically challenged like me, add a pair of heels for extra height. Heels also add elegance to Paperbag Pants. I choose a pair of jean pump (shop here)

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