Can Short Girls Rock Thigh High Boots?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Thigh-High Boots have always been a big challenge for me to wear. One, I can never find a pair that would fit my extra large calves. Most thigh-high boots don't have enough stretch to go pass my ankles. Second, I have always been afraid to wear thigh-high boots because I'm vertically challenged. I'm 5'2 and always thought that thigh-high boots would make me look a bit stumpy. Third, I live in South Florida, where gets  cold two days out of the year. So, the billion dollar question is, Can short girls wear tall boots? Sure we can. Here are a few tips:

  • Find a thigh-high boot that will work for you. I found a sock boots with a heel to make me look taller. These boots had a so much stretch, not only did it fit over my calves, but it went all the way up my thigh. I was so happy.
  • Don't overdo the look. I wanted my boots to the center of attention, so I wore a mini dress with minimal accessories. When you wear a mini dress and thigh-high boots together, it will elongate your legs. Giving your those supermodel legs.
  • Show off a little skin, but leave enough to the imagination. It is recommended to give a three-inch space between the dress and the boots. The taller the boot the shorter the hemline. Wear fitted boot like I did because it covered my entire leg.
  • Finally, walk tall in this sexy footwear with confidence.

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