How To Wear A Pantsuit Like a Lady

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Boss ladies listen up. There is a fashion trend that is sure to suit your needs. The Pantsuit trend is no longer men’s play. The Pantsuit will definitely make you feel more empowered and will add an extra pep to your step. Here are a few ways to wear a Pantsuit and still maintain your femininity. 

•The one thing I like about women pantsuits is that they come in a variety of colors. Instead of plain old black, blue or gray try a green, pink or red pantsuit. 

•Since it is menswear you are going to need a blouse that screams, I'm all woman. Style your pantsuits with a colorful or printed blouse. I went with a floral button-down blouse.  

•Show off your curves by adding a belt to your waistline. Instead of wearing a belt on my pant loops I went with a corset belt over the blazer. 

•If you want to feel like the SuperWoman you are, drape your blazer over your shoulders.

•Keep it feminine by wearing a pair of black pumps for work, then at night ditch the pumps for a pair of kicks.

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