New In My Wardrobe| Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies 100

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

For my 30th birthday (LOL) I wanted to do something extra special for myself. I decided that I would purchase an investment piece because I deserve it. Of course, I went for the iconic red-soled shoe, Christian Louboutin.

I walked into the store ready to buy my first pair of Louboutin. I was dead set on buying the So Kate tried them on, walked around with them on and they So Hurt. My exact words to the saleswoman, " A man must have made these because a woman would never make something this uncomfortable." She agreed and suggested that I try the Pigalle Follies 100.

Pigalle Follies 100 are a classic beauty, but if you are going to make this purchase here are some things to keep in mind

• Louboutins run very small. Plan on buying them a 1/2 or full-size up. I wear an 8/38, I had to buy a size 91/2 391/2.

• Pigalle Follies 100 are way more comfortable than the So Kate. First, the heel is shorter - 4 inches. Second, the cut across your foot or the vamp has a low dip. Finally, the box or the part of the shoe that covers and protects the toes are shorter so you will see “toe cleavage.”

• Protect your red soles. The first time I wore my Louboutin, I noticed the iconic red bottom were all scratched up. I was so pissed. I had no idea you could buy sole protectors for your shoes. Now, since the red bottoms are scratched I have to purchase Walk On Red to paint over the scratches.

• Pigalle Follies do elongate the legs, however the price for those long legs... $675.

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