Texture Tuesday: Eight Ways To Make Your Wash and Go's Thrive

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

My natural hair journey started 3 years ago. I struggled with methods and products to keep my hair hydrated and moisturize. I would watch countless YouTube Influencers tell me how Shea butter, creams, and oils... Pretty much everything under the kitchen sink would work for my texture hair. None of those videos helped, in fact, my curls would be popping for a day or two. On the second day, my hair would be dry and frizzy. I would have to get up in the morning, wet my hair with water, and add more products to my hair. I was ready to slap some relaxer on my curls.

 30 Day Hair Detox

I wanted to get the most out of my wash and go's but didn't know-how. Until a friend told me to follow @iamblackgirlcurls on Instagram. Thank god for the power of Instagram because these two ladies changed my hair journey for the better. Aeleise and Aishia founders of Black Curl Magic and creators of the 30 Day Hair Detox. After reading what the detox was all about, I thought 30 days is not that bad. So, I gave it a try and I'm so glad I did. During the 30 days, I did not use black castor oil, shea butter, or Xtreme styling gel. I also didn't use any products where the first 5 ingredients that included any butter, cream, or oil. These products create build up and do not allow moisture to penetrate the hair.  

They also have a directory where you can find a curly girl stylish in your area. This is how I found Sanii Loves Curls, she does a great job taking care of my natural hair.

Quality over Quantity 

I look for products that are plant and water-based and have water-soluble ingredients. I traded in those five-dollar products for products that cost $15 or more. I noticed that with more quality products I only use quarter size. 

Shampoo/Condition Your Hair

Many influencers will tell you that using shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils. Without shampoo, your hair will be dirty from all the build-up that is created from the butter, creams, and oils. We curly girls must wash our hair if we want popping curls. Conditioner is also important because it helps to detangle the hair and adds moisture back to the hair. 

Technique Is Important 

Developing a technique has helped me to master my wash and go's. It has also, reduced the amount of time I spend doing a wash and go and I have achieved the look I want. I apply all products in the shower on soaking wet hair. I part my hair into sections this allows me to apply and distribute the product from tip to root. 

Switch to GTF/(Gel-Toper-Foam) Method

I stopped doing the LOC method. This is NOT the cure-all for your dry and dehydrated hair, in fact, its the reason why I could not get more than two days of a wash and go. 

We all know that water and oil do not mix. Water weights more than oil, so when you mix them together they just separate and the oil will float on top. This something I never thought of when it comes to hair. We put liquid, oil, and cream (LOC)... usually the liquid is water, then we mix that with oil and cream. This what creates a build-up and does not allow water to penetrate the hair. 

Dry Your Hair

Using a hooded dryer allows for your hair to dry faster, protects your hair from frizzing and your curls will be bouncy, full and voluminous.   

Keep Your Hands Out Your Hair

We all get that urge to touch and constantly put our hands in our hair. That's a huge no-no, disturbing your curls will create frizz.  

Cut That Hair

It's hair, trust me it will grow back. Cutting and trimming your hair every 8-12 weeks is important if you want to see your hair thrive. Think of your hair as a flower if you don't clip those dead ends it will not grow. 

I have a new love for my hair because I'm learning how to take better care of it. My hair feels and looks so much different now. Wash day no longer take up my entire day, one hour is that max. And, my wash and go's last at least 5-7 days.

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