How To Depot Your Eye Shadows

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Friday night is my night to hang out with the girls. I want to look my best. Hair, check. Outfit, check.  Oh yeah, makeup, check. The problem is, I'm always late because I'm rumbling through my makeup trying to find which colors look best.

I started building my makeup kit and it's a MESS. I have about seven MAC eye shadows I want to have all in one place.  So, I decided to depot my eye shadows.  Depoting is just a fancy word for popping the eyeshadow out of its case and moving it into an empty palette.

Here are five simple steps to help you depot your MAC shadow:

First, you will need a pair of scissors or a nail file (something with a sharp edge), a flat iron, magnetic strips, an empty palette, and of course your eye shadows.
MAC Rice Paper
Second, take your nail file or scissors and pop your eyeshadow out of its case.

Third, take the pot and the empty case, and place them  on the flat iron for about 5-10 seconds (of course the flat iron has to be hot). This is going to melt the glue under the pot (be careful, it may be a little hot). The heat on the empty case helps to melt the sticker with the eye shadow's name.
Fourth, take your pot and bend the corners. This is going to get the shadow off the glue.
Finally,  take your magnetic sticker and place it on the bottom of the eyeshadow. Then, place the shadow in an empty palette space. The palette has a magnet so that your shadows will stay in place.

Now you have a palette. Don't forget to save the empty container, because MAC has a recycling program. For every six empty container that you take back to the MAC store, MAC  will give you a free lipstick, eyeshadow or lip gloss.

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